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Judo Mat

Judo mat manufacturers nowadays give special attention to the texture and material of judo mats. While making these mats, several things should be taken care of, including the thickness, surface texture, etc.

Why Need A Judo Mat? 

Judo mats are essential to prevent injuries while practicing. Mats provide you with a perfect surface that, at the same time, helps you to balance and keeps you safe from the hardness of the floor.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a perfect judo mat is essential for training. So, what are the criteria that indicate that the judo mat is suitable for you? Let’s check out.

What Things To Consider While Choosing A Judo Mat?

There are a few things to consider while choosing a perfect judo mat.


Thickness is a very important component here. The judo mat must have a thickness of 1.5 cm. If it is not thick enough, it will not be able to prevent you from being injured. A judo mat thicker than 1.5 cm will also help you to get a grip on it.


While choosing a judo mat, make sure to go for the quality. It is not the thickness that always matters, but it is also about the quality of the judo mat. Poor quality judo mat will not help you to practice; instead, it can make things worse as it increases the risk of injuries.


You would definitely not want to practice Judo on a slippery surface. That’s why choosing the right surface is very important. It is advised that the texture on tatami should be of the rice grain pattern that allows players to move quickly and is also best for sliding your feet. Texture plays a huge role in Judo.

 The Material On The Bottom Side

While purchasing a judo mat, you have to check the bottom material. It should be a rubberized material with a harsh texture so that it doesn’t slide while practicing on it.  If the bottom material is slippery, you will need to fix the mat constantly while practicing on it.


Like any other sports mat, a judo mat also should be water-resistant so that it doesn’t get damaged by your sweat. At the same time, it should not get wet; otherwise, you may slip on the wet surface while practicing.


Durability is another important thing you should consider while purchasing a judo mat. You wouldn’t want to change your mat often. That’s why you have to go for a judo mat that is strong enough and long-lasting as well. Judo mats should have a high tolerance. Otherwise, you’ll need to change your mat every 6 months, which is not acceptable at all. In the long run, you’ll end up investing a huge amount of money. That’s why buying a good-quality judo mat at the first chance is always advised.


A judo mat that can not be transferred is never preferable. It should be strong and lightweight at the same time so that you can take it with you easily when you need to.

Where To Buy A Worthy Judo Mat? 

If you are willing to buy a judo mat, we, the Grip team, are at your service to provide you with the ideal one. With perfect thickness and texture, our mats are long-lasting and strong. We are one of the best judo mat manufacturers in the market with years of experience. We offer our customers strong, portable judo mats with water-resistant, non-slippery, and high-quality surfaces. Made of 100% fresh EP/JSR/BONDED foam material, our mats have weight and dimension as per National standards. We offer these amazing, high quality and easy-to-clean judo mats to our customers at an affordable price.

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