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One of the most important parts that you need to protect from harsh blows and injuries during the judo matches in the groin. This is where the Grip judo groin guard comes in.

  1. Made from both plastic and vinyl hard shell for ultimate protection
  2. The Grip judo groin guard has foam padding for shock absorption
  3. Covers the entire groin and the ligaments between the thighs and the testicles
  4. Consists of elastic waistband for better fit


This Grip judo groin guard will help in protecting the penis and the testes in the best way from any indirect hit or blows during both judo practice sessions and tournaments

  • Durable groin guard
  • Elastic waistband for better fit
  • Protects the body parts from any kind of injury
  • Hard shell cover
  • Dual protection layer

    The inner layer is made from hard plastic while the outer shell is made from vinyl which increases its longevity.

  • Shock absorbing foam padding

    With this Grip judo groin guard, the shocks will not cause any injury or bruising, thanks to the foam padding in between.

  • Can fit anybody

    Thanks to the elastic waistband, anyone can wear it without having to worry about the fitting.

  • Perfect for men and boys

    This particular groin guard will help both the men and teen boys to protect their groin parts during the matches


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