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Dummies are very essential for practicing the moves in judo. However, one needs to have the best dummy for ensuring that it can tolerate the hits and last long. This is where the Grip judo dummie comes in.

  1. Grip judo dummie is made from high quality and resilient material
  2. It will last for longer times
  3. Can tolerate multiple hits without breaking apart
  4. Enhanced performance for judo practice


This Grip judo dummie will allow you to practice your moves perfectly and bring in further finesse in your game strategies

  • Reinforced stitches
  • Multiple pressure points for better hits
  • Enhanced dummie performance
  • Made in India
  • Will help in practicing solo games

    With this Grip judo dummie, you will be able to practice solo sessions easily

  • Double stitched pressure points

    The pressure points in this Grip judo dummie are double stitched and hence, the longevity of the material has increased.

  • High endurance and tolerance power

    This particular dummie can withstand multiple hits for longer times, thanks to the high level of endurance.


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