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Practicing Judo without the proper uniform is not acceptable. This is why you need this Grip Judo uniform which will provide you the best comfort without restricting your mobility.

  1. Grip Judo Uniform is made from light canvas style material.
  2. It is the epitome of comfort and softness
  3. It can fit any person of any size
  4. Can also be used for karate ad other sports


With Grip judo uniform, you will be able to practice the game without feeling restricted or suffocated, thanks to the lightweight and soft fabric nature

  • Made from soft and breathable fabric
  • Can absorb the sweat
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Made with high quality fabric
  • Absorbs the sweat and perspiration

    This Grip judo uniform can absorb all the sweat and perspiration without getting degraded in quality

  • Breathable and comfortable fabric

    The fabric is extremely comfortable and lightweight which will allow your skin to breathe.

  • Can fit all size

    This uniform is made in a way where it can fit all size, both for men and women.

  • No restriction on mobility

    Wearing this Judo uniform, you wouldn’t feel restricted while moving your limbs and body


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